The designer made the iPhone 14 concept map: add the experience of the back screen

iPhone 14 concept map

Although the iPhone 13 has not yet been released, some designers have been unable to restrain themselves and began to plan for the iPhone 14.

It may be because the iPhone 13 has been revealed to be more detailed, including small bangs on the front and a larger camera module on the back.

Going back to the conceptual design of the iPhone 14 this time, there is something “unusual”.

First of all, the right-angled edges continue to be retained, which may support the industrial ID language of a considerable part of Apple’s products in the future.

Then came the dark green body, four cameras and so on. There is also an L-shaped secondary screen, which can display quick and quick turn off, AirTags tracking information, battery power, etc.

As for the front, according to Guo Mingchi’s statement, a hole-digging screen is used, but it is not clear how to solve the problem of face recognition, unless it is the ID under the screen.

Of course, after looking at the design drawings, netizens also commented. Some thought it was very new and recognizable, and some thought it was flashy and worried about touching it by mistake. Some netizens ridiculed that this is a copy of the appearance of Mi MIX Ultra and Nubia Z30 Pro.

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